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Clean Energy


Here are websites and products that will reduce your carbon footprint. Further below are some tips and tricks about other changes you can make around the house to help the environment.

Minimalistic Kitchen



Bathroom & Laundry

Plastic Bottles

Trash, Recycle, Compost


Composting is Easy!

1. Grab a bin

2. Add a biodegradable bag

3. Throw it in the green bin

Tips and Changes

1. Clean/Rinse out your recycables

2. Compost wet paper towels

3. Refer to the numbers below when recycling

4. Don't use a garbage bag in your recycling bin

5. If you're unsure, search it up- throwing away a contaminated product in the recycle could cause the whole bag to be tossed in the landfill!

6. Most importantly, always reuse if possible

Plastic Numbers


Method  Recycling

Tech and Travel


0.15 pounds of greenhouse gas

emissions are spared per hour (on average) when you turn off one light in a room.


50 million tons of e-waste

are produced every year; however only 20% of that e-waste is formally recycled.


One plastic bottle recycled

equals six hours worth of power for a single 60-watt lightbulb.

Where to recycle e-waste:


Companies: Best Buy, Staples, HP, Samsung, Dell

Carbon Offsetting:

What it is: a reduction in emissions in order to compensate for your personal emissions

How: Sponsoring projects that promote renewable energy and sequester carbon

*Carbon Offsetting is not a solution, rather a temporary fix for the environment


Quick & Easy Offsets:


Air Travel Offset:


Lifestyle Offsets:


Download now:


Earth Rewards: This phone app allows you to track your carbon footprint and offset your emissions by reading FREE modules about the environment. Take 10 minutes to offset some carbon dioxide!

Visit the site:


Sustainable Steps: Quick shoutout to a forum that serves to provide readers with sustainable alternatives to traditional products and companies. Users are encouraged to submit their recommendations too! Sharing knowledge is a huge way to inspire collective action!

Solar Energy

What is your ecological footprint?

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