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132 Pounds of carbon dioxide

are emitted when 2.2 pounds of beef (red meat) are produced. That is the equivalent to ~1,131 cubic feet of gas.


18% of Global Green house Emissions

are contributed to livestock farming. Primarily methane and nitrogen oxide come from livestock farming, which are 84 and 300 times (respectively) more potent than carbon dioxide.


30% of the Earth

is currently being used for livestock farming. This proposes a massive land and water crisis for the affected areas.

Eco-Friendly Tips

1. Avoid Red Meat

2. Buy at farmers markets

3. Use reusable bags

6. Purchase in bulk

7. Only buy what you will eat

What foods produce the most greenhouse gases?

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 4.29.20 PM.png

Not only does cutting back on meats, processed foods, and dairy products help reduce your carbon footprint, it is also beneficial for your personal health!

Green Field

How do your eating habits affect the environment?

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